Mā te rongo ka mōhio - Through experience comes awareness

Mā te mōhio ka mārama - Through awareness comes understanding

Mā te mārama ka mātau - Through understanding comes knowledge

Mā te mātau ka ora - Through knowledge comes well-being

'Tōā' in the Māori language means to ‘send up shoots’. Our mission is to grow New Zealanders who are knowledgeable and proud of where they come from. We do this by giving everyone access to experience Māori values, culture and language for themselves.

As the proverb or whakataukī says, we believe that the first step towards growing cultural intelligence is experience. Tōā Education provides that experience through a regular programme delivered directly to children in participating Early Childhood Education services. This is the starting point for growing confident New Zealanders who have the skills to take on the world.